Choice Scenes

Choice scenes are a powerful mechanism to create movies that play different scenes depending on the value of a parameter. A choice scene selects the scene to play from a pool of scenes, by testing a parameter and comparing the value to a predefined set of choices.

For example, you may have 4 movies, one for each season ("winter", "spring", "summer", "autumn") and you want to play one of them dynamically, you create a choice scene, define a parameter "season" and add 4 variants to the scene. Each variant has a "Selector" or "Condition value" that when equal to the parameter's value will enable the scene.

To add a choice scene

  1. Select the Dynamic Story in the list view
  2. Click playlist_addAdd Scene in detail view
  3. Optionally, enter a name
  4. Select Variant that matches parameter value
  5. Click OK

Adding a Variant

To add a variant,

  1. Click add_circle_outlineAdd Variant
  2. In the Add Scene Variant dialog, enter a "Condition value".
  3. Select Movies to play a dynamic movie or Videos to use one of your project's video assets. Select the video or movie from the list below.
  4. Optionally, to play only a part of a video or movie enter a duration in the duration input box.

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