Runs & Results

Whenever you start a batch render run, the outcome of each rendering is recorded. You have access to this data in the Results of a batch job.

Each run has a unique ID, a timestamp when it was started and the number of videos rendered alongside with the information about successes and failures.

To see the details of a batch run, click the the ID or click anywhere in the row of the result table. In the window that opens, a list of all renderings is displayed. It contains the following data:

The parameters and values for each variable in the dynamic movie
The HTTP code of the render request. a value of "200" indicates success. Values greater than 400 indicate an error. The reasone for any errors are shown in the message column
Information from the render and upload process. Here you also find the Youtube video ID when you upload the rendered video to Youtube, or the URL of the uploaded video when you render to Amazon S3, and so on.

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