ImpossibleFX Features

Personalized Content

Videos made for You only. Insert an individual message for every video by including pictures, data and media from databases, web services and social networks. Increase relevance, client satisfaction, performance and user interaction by personalizing content.

Dynamic Story Flows

Dynamically create videos by combining different content segments controlled by targeting parameters. Join intros and different contents together to create a single video file. Play out different versions for each user. No two videos will be the same.

Adaptive Rendering

Create all variations of different codecs, bitrates, sizes and containers with one API call. With all standard video codecs and formats, adaptive bitrate coding and multi resolution versioning generated videos play in all browsers and on every device, always.


Use the powerful compositing engine to create personalized videos with dynamic content, such as text layers, pictures, charts or other videos. Stack multiple layers with animations and overlay modes to create stunning variations of a single master video.

Charts & Animations

Animate Layers and objects in 3D space and overlay them onto a video. Create custom motion graphics, animated charts from a wide array of types, including pie charts, bar and line charts to create personalized video invoices, account statements and info graphics.

Text & Typography

Add Text or Motion Typography with a wide variety of text parameters, including position, opacity, rotation, format, style, and layout. Text generators automate common tasks that otherwise would take hours to complete by hand. Access external datasources to include data from web services or databases.

Filters & Special FX

Image and video filters include artistic filters, color mapping and image enhancements. Apply geometric transformations (including resizing, cropping, letterboxing and warping), texture (UV) mapping and motion based filters to create realistic looking videos.

Dynamic Sound & Speech

Add a different soundtrack to each videos or mix in additional sounds and sound effects. Combine with text-to-speech systems to generate videos with personal voice overs.



Power your mobile and desktop video apps using Elastic Video's Scene Description Language and Render APIs.

Realtime Analytics

See how different video versions perform against each other. Measure success of your video applications.


Upload rendered videos directly to Youtube, Facebook, Amazon S3, your FTP or HTTP server.