Specifying Parameters

Instead of specifying the parameter for each video, the batch renderer maps the columns from your datasource to the parameters of your movie. The data from each row in the datasource are mapped to parameters in your movie. If you parameter names of the movie are identical to the column names in your datasource, the mapping happens automatically. If you have different names, you have to map them manually. If your movie uses a datasource directly the mapping is already in the movie.

Manual Mapping

To map movie parameters to datasource columns manually, select Manual Mapping. For each parameter in the movie, select the corresponding column in the datasource:

Movie variable names correspond to datasource columns

If you have named your movie's variables exactly as the columns are named in the datasource, you can use this automatic mapping mode. Variables for which no corresponding column is found will be set to their default values.

Movie uses datasource (deprecated)

If you have dynamic movies that use a datasource from within the movie select this mapping mode.

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