Job Settings

When you create a job you can specify the following values and settings


Action Settings

The dynamic movie to use. The dynamic movie must have content that is declared either through a "Variable" or by using a "Datasource" variable type.
The datasource to use as input. Each row in the datsource will provide the values to the dynamic movie variables.
The video or image format to generate. Depending on the codec settings used in the dynamic movie, the list is pre-selected to contain only valid formats that can be rendered.
If you leave this field empty, all rows in the datasource will be rendered. To restrict the job to a subset of the datasource, enter either the row number or numbers seperated by a comma (",") or a range in the format "start-end", e.g. "1-10" will render the first 10 records.
Routing Key
If you have a dedcicated render cluster assigned to your account, enter the clusters's routing key here
Success Callback
The URL you want to notify when a video has been successfully rendered. The batch system will append a query parameter msg that contains any output from the uploading process, i.e. the Youtube video id, or a S3 URL, and so on.

Parameter Mapping

Mapping Type
Here you define the way the columns in the datasource correspond to the variables in the dynamic movie.
Extra Keys
Select a datasource column that is not used as data in the dynamic movie, but is useful to have included in the render report (e.g. to match Youtube IDs to your data records)

Destination Settings

Each rendered video will be uploaded to a destination you specify. Each destination type may require different kind of information (e.g. authentication, naming, etc).

Script Settings

Pre-Render Script
The name of a script that will be execute before the each video render is started
Post-Render Script
The name of a script that will be execute after a video has been rendered (e.g. to clean up any temporary resource you have created).

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