Please note: YouTube uploads are subject to very low limits/quotas on the YouTube side, that are not well documented and could change at any time. The usual limit is apparently ~400 videos per day, but depending on circumstances has been observed to be as low as 50 videos per hour per channel. At the moment we can not recommend to use the YouTube upload for any substantial amount of dynamic videos. For further information see the YouTube Terms and Condition

Field Required Type Default Description
type Required String "youtube"
oauth_access_token Optional String Google/Youtube OAUTH token
auth_secret Optional String ImpossibleFX auth secret
title Required String Video title
description Required String Video description
category Required String Numerical ID for category. See List of categories
status Required String "public" "private", "public", "unlisted"
tags Optional List of strings Tags, e.g. ["tag1", "tag2"]
playlistid Optional String Add video to playlist (playlistID, not name!)
notifySubscribers Optional Boolean true Tags, e.g. ["tag1", "tag2"]
mimetype optional String video/mp4 MIME-Type of uploaded video

Youtube Categories

Some categories may not be available in your country and they could be changed by YouTube at their own discretion. An up to date list of categories can be retrieved using the YouTube API

1 Film & Animation
2 Autos & Vehicles
10 Music
15 Pets & Animals
17 Sports
18 Short Movies
19 Travel & Events
20 Gaming
21 Videoblogging
22 People & Blogs
23 Comedy
24 Entertainment
25 News & Politics
26 Howto & Style
27 Education
28 Science & Technology
30 Movies
31 Anime/Animation
32 Action/Adventure
33 Classics
34 Comedy
35 Documentary
36 Drama
37 Family
38 Foreign
39 Horror
40 Sci-Fi/Fantasy
41 Thriller
42 Shorts
43 Shows
44 Trailers


Uploading to a user's channel

In order to upload videos to a user's channel you need to obtain permission from this user. Please Google's Using OAuth 2.0 to Access Google APIs on how to obtain an OAuth access token.

Uploading to your own channel

In order to avoid obtaining an OAuth access token for uploading videos to your own Youtube channel, you can give us permission to perform certain operations in your Youtube account on your behalf. To enable this, you must first get an "auth_secret" by visiting our OAuth permission application. Depending on the type (scope) of the operation to be performed on your behalf, visit one the following links, and follow the instructions

URL Permissions Full access Upload only access (no playlists)

Example Request

curl -X POST
     -H "Content-type: application/json" -d '
    "movie": "Movie Name",
    "params": {
        Movie Parameters
    "upload": {
        "extension": "mp4",
        "destination":  {
            "type": "youtube",
            "oauth_access_token": "OAuth token with upload permission",
            "auth_secret": "Authorize via this auth_secret instead of OAuth",
            "tags": ["tag", "tag", "..."],
            "title": "title",
            "description": "description",
            "category": "video category (numeric)",
            "playlistid": "Add video to playlist (playlistID, not name!)",
            "mimetype": "Mimetype of video (default: video/mp4)",
            "notifySubscribers": "Notify subscribers (true, false)",
            "status": "public | private | unlisted",

Example Response

    "token": Token,
    "upload": "kjaVs3d72"

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