Field Required Type Default Description
type Required String "facebook"
oauth_access_token Optional String Facebook OAUTH token
title Required String Video title
description Required String Video description
caption Optional String Video caption
name Optional Strings Name for the video


curl -X POST
     -H "Content-type: application/json"
     http://render.impossible.io/v2/render/Project-ID -d '
    "movie": "Movie Name",
    "params": {
        Movie Parameters
    "upload": {
        "extension": "mp4",
        "destination":  {
            "type": "facebook",
            "filename": "filename",
            "message": "message in post",
            "caption": "caption",
            "name": "name",
            "title": "title",
            "description": "description for Youtube, Facebook",
            "oauth_access_token": "OAuth token with publish permission",
            "endpoint": "Facebook API endpoint, default: https://graph.facebook.com",

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