Impossible Software is a pioneer of dynamic video editing, real-time customization and streaming technologies. Founded in 2009 with the mission that video personalization and individualization is the future of online video, the company is providing cloud-based services to deliver personalized and targeted video advertising formats, as well as web-based video customization and editing tools. Impossible Software's services are used worldwide to create truly dynamic and highly creative video experiences across PCs, smartphones, tablets and connected TVs. The company is based in Hamburg, Germany.

Our name

The company's name is actually a misnomer. It should be "Possible Software", but back then, when we received that request from a large German car manufacturer, it seemed just that: Impossible. They asked if we could create a video-based car configurator, a system that played a video of their new car, while the user should be be able to change the color, accessories and other customizable parts of the car. Confronted with this request we immediately replied that such a thing is pretty unlikely, as the the system must create the images of the car, at 30 frames per second, react to user input, run a video encoder for each stream and on top of everything this must work for hundreds of users simultanously. But..., though unlikely we still wanted to know how good we can get this thing to work and so we started. After a few weeks, we've found that we could indeed built such a system, however with very unfavorable economics: One beefy server supported only a few streams. That was not the way the internet was intended to work. With some clever optimizations and hardware that got faster and faster by the month, we finally cracked it. A system supporting hundreds of users providing a smooth real-time created video experience. With that, a new company was born and the rest is history...