Impossible Software's Video Editor (ImpossibleFX Editor) is a web based system to create dynamic movie templates. You can use these templates to create personalized videos.

To create a template you work on a composition. A composition is the framework for a dynamic movie template.

Each composition has its own timeline. A typical composition includes multiple layers that represent components such as video and audio footage items, text and graphics, still images, and animations as well as containers for variable or dynamic content. You then arrange layers within a composition in space and time, and composite using transparency features to determine which parts of underlying layers show through the layers stacked on top of them.

Most importantly, you also define placeholders for variable content, such as dynamic text or images that will be added when you request and render a video. These placeholders are what makes a video personalized.

When you export a composition you create a dynamic movie template, also called SDL. You can use the templates directly without anychanges or use Scripting to add layers, features, transformations and effects or combines several movie templates to form a larger, longer or more complex one. Simple projects may include only one composition; complex projects may include hundreds of compositions to organize large amounts of footage or many scenes.

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