Everybody needs some silly stuff.

See how Stink Digital used Impossible Software's real-time video rendering services to create a mobile-first experience, which allowed users to take a photo of themselves, and their friends, which were then mapped in 3D into a personalized music video featuring a singing kitten.


World's Leading Realtime
Video Personalization Platform

Make the impossible possible with the new, faster ImpossibleVideo™. Turn data into engaging, dynamic and personal video experiences on desktop, smartphone and tablet.

Creativity meets Personalization

See how BBH and Stink Digital
combine engaging story-telling with
personalized dynamic content to
communicate with Mentos fans and customers

Realtime Personalized Video API

Create endless variations with a simple HTTP call.

ImpossibleVideo™ is the Swiss Army knife for cloud-based dynamic video processing to create stunning and realistic personalized videos.

Make videos personal

Personalized videos made for You only. Insert an individual message for every video by including pictures, data and media from databases, web services and social networks. Increase relevance, client satisfaction, performance and user interaction by personalizing content.

Create relevant video messages

In a more and more online media world where everything we see is individualized and targeted to ever smaller and finer grained audience segments, create video messages and pre-roll ads that contain up-to-date, user-targeted product pictures and information.

Inform your customers

Include dynamically generated charts and motion graphics for video bills, statements and product tutorials. Provide information in a story telling format to increase upselling, customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Entertain the audience

Enable users to become the video star in your video. Create unique videos by joining different clips and segments featuring user faces, images and social graph data about them. Create videos that can become truly viral.

Customer Testimonials

We evaluated a number of systems, but there was only one that had enough power under the hood to deliver all the techniques and effects we wanted to employ. Impossible Software have been pioneering dynamic video solutions for number of years; the speed and capability of their system made it clear they were the right partners for the project." »Stink Digital

BBH Creative Director Pablo Marques: "There were numerous tricks that used a combination of different platforms that merged seamlessly. And at the end of the process we also had to create and composit a seamless video every time. That was achieved by using software from a firm called Impossible Software. They were massively helpful. I thoroughly recommend them to any kind of dynamic video compositing like this." »LBB Online

To solve this we used Impossible Softwares ingenious backend render system that enabled us to track and comp single users information into the phone inside the film in a very convincing way" »B-Reel